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Since the 1950s, duParc has been a big player in leg fashion. The originally Belgian brand is known for excellent quality. The duParc brand supplies a wide variety of stockings, pantyhose, socks and tights. The tights and socks are elegant and suitable for various occasions: from chic to festive and corporate. Make a lasting impression with the stylish leg fashions from duParc!

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We offer a wide range of pantyhose, knee socks, ankle socks and footie socks that will look stylish and well-groomed at every occasion.



Socks are often used to give an outfit a surprise twist. Just as the rest of your clothes, your socks deserve attention and deserve to be seen.


The brand gets its name from the location of the old factory, close to a city park in Aalst (BE).

duParc was the leading manufacturer of leg fashion in Belgium in the 60s.

Up until 2001, the pantyhose were produced in Belgium.