Nedac Fashion’s design team

Nedac Fashion offers customers the chance to put their own collection on the shelves, completely tailored to their wishes.
Discover how we do this.

The trends of the moment

Fashion is constantly moving forward. In order to keep our assortment relevant, we work with experienced designers to make collections tailored to the needs of our customers across Europe.

Some customers prefer to offer a steady assortment in their stores, others would rather mix up their collection according to the season. To fulfil both needs, we work with a main collection and design various lines on demand. These collections are designed with eyes on current and upcoming trends.

Essential basics for women, men and children

Nedac Fashion makes items that everyone has in their closet: from socks and leggings to hair accessories and sunglasses. These are altered to fit our customer’s wishes, for instance with a stylish pattern or a classic even colour.

“Our designs are designed from a commercial view, keeping the best value for money in mind. We do so according to the latest trends.”

Tailor-made collections

The Nedac Fashion studio designs the most beautiful collections for our own brands (LTBD, duParc, My Style and Oxygen) and for our customers under a private label. Together with the customer, we explore what style choices fit their brand and consumer base best. Our design strategy is commercially oriented and we never lose sight of what’s on trend.

Besides products, we also design packaging in order to present our collections in an attractive way. It is possible to, in coordination with the customer, design and deliver POS merchandise.